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Introducing Eater's 2010 Advent Calendar: Gift Ideas Aplenty

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Tis the season to be shopping! Welcome to Eater's 2010 Gift Guide Advent Calendar, where everyday we'll be bringing you holiday gift ideas— from the reasonable to the outrageous to the mindblowing must-haves. Click the graphic below to unveil today's pick, and as the holidays draw nearer check out the all the gift guides. Here's to all things merry and bright.

Today, the Minikit Sferificación Kit from Texturas created by Ferran Adrià and his brother Albert of the restaurant elBulli. A starter kit into the world of molecular gastronomy, it contains full instructions, a straining spoon, a syringe, and all the necessary ingredients (Algin, Gluco, Xantana, Agar, and Lecite) so that you, too, can create foams, air, spheres, and caviar. Only available from international stores. Fun for the whole family, it's like a chemistry kit but edible! £79.95 (or $124 USD) plus shipping.

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