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The Eater Awards 2010 Winners, from Coast to Coast

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It is time now—horns, trumpets, fanfare, fireworks, dancing acrobats—to announce the winners of the Eater Awards for the year 2010, presented by GREY GOOSE. In 50 categories spanning seven cities, the winners comprise a diverse bunch of the finest and most interesting chefs, operators, and characters in the country. We applaud them. You are hereby instructed to applaud them. So, without further ado—actually, a few quick pre-ambling thoughts....

To recap, Eater's local editors in NYC, LA, SF, Chicago, Portland, Austin, and Miami nominated candidates for four major local categories: Restaurant of the Year, So Hot Right Now Restaurant, Chef of the Year, and Shaker of the Year. Eater readers then voted to narrow the field to a final three in each category. From that final three, the Eater editorial team picked a winner. In very rare cases, we exercised Rule 17, Sub. 19, which allows for veto of the popular vote. (This rule was used just once in 2010.) In addition to these main stage winners, said Eater editorial team has named worthy winners in more specialized categories, for myriad notable achievements.

Nominees and winners alike will be feted at a party tonight in Downtown Manhattan. Those winners that couldn't make it should watch their mail for packages containing cans of Italian peeled tomatoes—and some other goodies. And now, for real, without further ado, the winners:

2010_10_eaterawardsVOTE.jpgEATER AWARDS 2010


Restaurant of the Year, National
Nominees: Torrisi Italian Specialties (New York), LudoBites (LA), Frances (SF), Girl & The Goat (Chicago), Olivia (Austin), Castagna (Portland), SUGARCANE Raw Bar Grill (Miami)
Winner: Torrisi Italian Specialties (New York)

Chef of the Year, National
Nominees: Michael White (New York), Ludo Lefebvre (LA), Daniel Patterson (SF), Stephanie Izard (Chicago), Deegan McClung (Austin), Matt Lightner (Portland), Timon Balloo (Miami)
Winner: Stephanie Izard (Girl & The Goat, Chicago)

Concept of the Year
Presented to the food world concept that best caught the eye and imagination of the eating populus.
Nominees: Eataly, Ferran Adrià Scoring Corporate Backing, LudoBites, The Meatball Shop, Shake Shack
Winner: LudoBites

Television Personality of the Year
For the person whose year in television appearances was most prolific, epic, or otherwise distinguished.
Nominees: Anthony Bourdain (No Reservations) Eric Ripert (· Avec Eric), Andrew Zimmern (Bizarre Foods), Susur Lee (Top Chef Masters, Seth Caro (Top Chef Just Desserts)
Winner: Eric Ripert (Avec Eric, Top Chef D.C., Late Night Talk Show Regular, Treme)

Video Interlude of the Year
Dude, did you see this video?
Nominees: Del Posto Spaghetti with Dungeness Crab Video, Best of Iron Chef America Secret Ingredient Reveals, DC Central Kitchen Responds to Rush Limbaugh, Waitress Goes On Hardearned Killing Spree in Take Out
Winner: Del Posto ("Spaghetti with Dungeness Crab")

Spectacle of the Year
Awarded to the one person, place, thing or idea that flat-out was the best show of the year in 2010.
Nominees: Noma Cookbook, Gordon Ramsay's Crumbling Empire, Achatz's Aviary Videos, Novelty Sandwiches (McRib, Double Down, etc)
Winner: Noma Cookbook

Twitter Personality of the Year
Presented to the person whos show is best viewed at 140 characters long.
Nominees: @chefjoseandres, @ericripert, @Gachatz, @KellyChoi, @kkrader, @lee_schrager, @ruthreichl
Winner: @ruthreichl (Ruth Reichl)

Fameball of the Year
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a... oh, it's just that guy.
Nominees: Alton Brown, Frank Bruni, Spike Mendelsohn, Marcus Samuelsson, Fabio Viviani
Winner: Marcus Samuelsson (Chef at Nia Long's Birthday Bash, Chef at Epicurious Birthday Bash, Cooking Class Leader for Buick, Appearance on A&E's Fix This Kitchen, Kitchen Linen Collection for Target, Chef at Party for HBO's Brave New Voices, Appearances at Every Food Festival in the U.S., Menu Consult for Holland America Line Cruises, Top Chef Masters Winner, MasterCard Spokesperson)

=== NEW YORK ===

Restaurant of the Year, New York
Nominees: ABC Kitchen, The Breslin, Del Posto, Eleven Madison Park, Torrisi Italian Specialties, Roberta's
Finalists: Del Posto, Eleven Madison Park, Roberta's
Winner: Torrisi Italian Specialties*
[*Eater Awards Rule 17, Sub. 19 invoked]

So Hot Right Now, New York
Nominees: Burger & Barrel, The Lambs Club, Lotus of Siam, M. Wells, Osteria Morini, Peels
Finalists: Burger & Barrel, M. Wells, Osteria Morini
Winner: Osteria Morini

Chef of the Year, New York
Nominees: Einat Admony (Balaboosta), Daniel Humm (Eleven Madison Park), Dan Kluger (ABC Kitchen), Mark Ladner (Del Posto), Anita Lo (Annisa), Michael White (Alto, Convivio, Marea, Osteria Morini)
Finalists: Daniel Humm (Eleven Madison Park), Mark Ladner (Del Posto), Michael White (Marea, Osteria Morini, Convivio, Alto)
Winner: Michael White (Alto, Convivio, Marea, Osteria Morini)

Shaker of the Year, New York
Nominees: Damon Boelte (Prime Meats), Jim Meehan (PDT); Julie Reiner (Clover Club); Greg Seider (Summit); Phil Ward (Mayahuel); Yana Volfson (Freemans, Peels)
Finalists: Damon Boelte (Prime Meats), Jim Meehan (PDT), Yana Wolfson (Freemans/Peels)
Winner: Yana Volfson (Freemans, Peels)

Keith McNally Restaurant of the Year
Awarded annually to the Keith McNally restaurant that opened closest to press time.
Winner: Pulino's

Danny Meyer Empire Builder of the Year
In recognition of a chef, restaurateur, or team whose heads-down, unbridled need for an empire in 2010 came closet to matching that of Empire Builder Meyer himself.
Nominees: Michael Bao, Chris Cannon and Michael White, Dave Chang and Christina Tosi, Scott Conant, Ken Friedman, Gabriel Stulman
Winner: Chris Cannon and Michael White

Jean-Georges Vongerichten Award for Quietly Killing It
Awarded to the person or team whose 2010 ascent was most ninja-like.
Winner: Frank Falcinelli and Frank Castronovo

Daniel Boulud Award for Most Originally Named Restaurant of the Year
Named in honor of the best restaurant namer there ever was.
Winner: Fat Radish

Eric Ripert's Kids Award
Awarded to a young chef who would benefit most from a day of serious Buddhist training from Eric Ripert.
Winner: César Ramirez

Thomas Keller Benefit-of-the-Doubt Award
Presented to the Keller Alum who will surely get it right because he worked for Keller. He will, right?
Winner: Jonathan Benno (Lincoln)

Tom Colicchio Up-and-Coming Stone-Cold Hustler Award
Blink and you'll miss Tom Colicchio inking another lucrative deal. (Just now he signed on to endorse a line of toothpicks.) The winner of this prize will someday command the cheddar similarly.
Winner: David Chang

Comeback of the Year
Presented to that restaurant whose return from the dead proved most grand.
Winner: The John Dory

Shitshow of the Year, New York
Nominees: Abe + Arthurs, Bar Artisanal, Kenmare, The Lion, Rouge Tomate, Shang
Winner: Kenmare

Spectacle of the Year, New York
Nominees: 4Food, Ace Hotel, Josh Ozersky's Wedding, Marcus Samuelsson, McNally vs. Platt, Tavern on the Green
Winner: Josh Ozersky's Wedding (and Subsequent Media Shitstorm)

Eater Door Prize for Toughest Door of the Year
Nominees: The Boom Boom Room, Jane Hotel, Kenmare, Le Bain, Provocateur
Winner: The Boom Boom Room


Restaurant of the Year, Los Angeles
Nomineess: Lazy Ox Canteen, LudoBites, Patina, Providence, Umami Burger
Finalists: Umami Burger, LudoBites, Patina
Winner: LudoBites

So Hot Right Now, Los Angeles
Nominees: Cleo, Olio Pizzeria, Red O, Scarpetta, Test Kitchen, Tinga, WP24
Finalists: Cleo, Test Kitchen, WP24
Winner: Test Kitchen

Chef of the Year, Los Angeles
Nominees: Roy Choi, Ludo Lefebvre, Walter Manzke, Michael Voltaggio, Ricardo Zarate
Finalists: Ludo Lefebvre (LudoBites), Michael Voltaggio (formerly The Dining Room at The Langham), Walter Manzke (formerly Church & State)
Winner: Ludo Lefebvre (LudoBites)

Shaker of the Year, Los Angeles
Nominees: Eric Alperin, Matt Biancaniello, Julian Cox, Devin Espinosa, Pablo Moix, Joel Black, Joseph Brooke
Finalists: Matt Biancaniello (Library Bar), Pablo Moix (La Descarga), Julian Cox (Rivera)
Winner: Matt Biancaniello (Library Bar)


Restaurant of the Year, San Francisco
Nominees: Benu, Commis, Frances, Flour + Water, Prospect, Saison, Ubuntu
Finalists: Frances, Flour + Water, Prospect
Winner: Frances

So Hot Right Now, San Francisco
Nominees: Alexander's Steakhouse, Bar Agricole, Benu, Bourbon Steak, Ippuku, Michael Mina, Plum, Ragazza, Una Pizza Napoletana
Finalists: Benu, Bar Agricole, Ragazza
Winner: Bar Agricole

Chef of the Year, San Francisco
Nominees: Timothy Hollingsworth (French Laundry), Christopher Kostow (The Restaurant at Meadowood), Corey Lee (Benu), Daniel Patterson (Coi, Il Cane Rosso,Plum), Melissa Perello (Frances), James Syhabout (Commis), Finalists: Melissa Perello, Daniel Patterson, Christopher Kostow
Winner: Daniel Patterson (Coi, Il Cane Rosso, Plum)

Shaker of the Year, San Francisco
Nominees: Brooke Arthur (Prospect), Scott Baird & Josh Harris (Wayfare Tavern), Scott Beattie (Cyrus, Spoonbar), Erick Castro (Rickhouse), Jonny Raglin and Jeff Hollinger (Comstock Saloon), Shawn Vergara (Blackbird), Thad Vogler (Bar Agricole)
Finalists: Scott Baird & Josh Harris (Wayfare Tavern), Jonny Raglin and Jeff Hollinger (Comstock Saloon), Thad Vogler (Bar Agricole), Brooke Arther (Prospect)
Winner: Brooke Arthur (Prospect)

Empire Builder of the Year, San Francisco
Nominees: Tyler Florence (Wayfare Tavern, El Paseo, Rotisserie & Wine, Hired Jeremy Fox and Corey Lee), Daniel Patterson (Coi, Plum, Bracina, Il Cane Rosso, TBD in Oakland), Bacchus Management Group (Cafe Des Amis, Spruce, The Village Pub), Michael Mina (Bourbon Steak, Michael Mina, RN74, Clock Bar), Lark Creek Restaurant Group (Fish Story, Pizzeria in the Westfield)
Finalists: Michael Mina, Tyler Florence, Anthony Myint
Winner: Anthony Myint (Commonweath, Mission Chinese Food)

Spectacle of the Year, San Francisco
Nominees: Morton's Steakhouse 0 Star Review, Chairman Baotroversy, Grub Opening Delays, Ike's Place NIMBY Battle, Blue Bottle Coffee Dolores Park Controversy, French Laundry Bluefin Debacle
Winner: Ike's Place NIMBY Battle

=== CHICAGO ===

Restaurant of the Year, Chicago
Nominees: Alinea, Avec, Gaztro-Wagon, Girl & The Goat, Longman & Eagle, M Burger, Purple Pig
Finalists: Girl & The Goat, The Purple Pig, M Burger
Winner: Girl & The Goat

So Hot Right Now, Chicago
Nominees: Chizakaya, Davanti Enoteca, Girl & The Goat, Henri, Lillie's Q, Ruxbin
Finalists: Chizakaya, Girl & The Goat, Lillie's Q
Winner: Girl & The Goat

Chef of the Year, Chicago
Nominees: Grant Achatz (Alinea), Jimmy Bannos, Jr. (The Purple Pig), David Carrier (Kith & Kin), Graham Elliot (Graham Elliot), Stephanie Izard (Girl & The Goat), Justin Large (Big Star), Jared Wentworth (Longman & Eagle)
Finalists: Stephanie Izard (Girl & The Goat), Grant Achatz (Alinea), Jimmy Bannos, Jr. (The Purple Pig)
Winner: Stephanie Izard (Girl & The Goat)

Shaker of the Year, Chicago
Nominees: Lynn House (Blackbird), Charles Joly (Drawing Room), Joshua Pearson (Sepia), Debbi Peek (The Bristol), Mike Ryan (Sable), Benjamin Schiller (Boka Group), Adam Seger (hum/Nacional 27)
Finalists: Benjamin Schiller (Boka Restaurant Group); Debbi Peek (The Bristol); Joshua Pearson (Sepia)
Winner: Benjamin Schiller (Boka Restaurant Group)

=== AUSTIN ===

Restaurant of the Year, Austin
Nominees: Jeffrey's, La Condesa, Lamberts, Olivia, Parkside, Perla's, Uchi
Finalists: Olivia, Jeffrey's, Uchi
Winner: Olivia

So Hot Right Now, Austin
Nominees: East Side King, El Arbol, Franklin Barbecue, Foreign & Domestic, Justine's, Uchiko
Finalists: El Arbol, Uchiko, Foreign & Domestic
Winner: El Arbol

Chef of the Year, Austin
Nominees: Shawn Cirkiel (Parkside), Tyson Cole (Uchi), James Holmes (Olivia), Zack Northcutt (Mulberry), Deegan McClung (Jeffrey's), Rene Ortiz (La Condesa), Paul Qui (Uchiko), Josh Watkins (The Carillon), Finalists: Sean Cirkiel (Parkside), Deegan McClung (Jeffrey's), James Holmes (Olivia)
Winner: Deegan McClung (Jeffrey's)

Shaker of the Year, Austin
Nominees: David Alan (Tipsy Texan), Jeff Boley (Paggi House), Chauncey James (East Side Showroom), Josh Loving (Fino), Ace Manning (Peche), Pam Pritchard (The Tigress Pub)
Finalists: Josh Loving (Fino), Jeff Boley (Paggi House), Chauncey James (Paggi House)
Winner: Josh Loving (Fino)

=== PORTLAND, OR ===

Restaurant of the Year, Portland
Nominees: Castagna, Metrovino, Tasty n Sons, Genoa, Gruner
Finalists: Metrovino, Genoa, Castagna
Winner: Castagna

So Hot Right Now, Portland
Nominees: Bunk Bar, Fin, June, Irving Street Kitchen, Little Big Burger, Spirit of 77
Finalists: Little Big Burger, Fin, Irving Street Kitchen
Winner: Fin

Chef of the Year, Portland
Nominees: David Anderson (Genoa), Jason Barwikowski (Olympic Provisions), Ben Dyer (Laurelhurst Market, Simpatica, Ate-Oh-Ate), John Gorham (Toro Bravo, Tasty N Sons), Chris Israel (Gruner), Matt Lightner (Castagna)
Finalists: David Anderson (Genoa), Matt Lightner (Castagna), John Gorham (Tasty N Sons)
Winner: Matt Lightner (Castagna)

Shaker of the Year, Portland
Nominees: Tommy Klaus (Bluehour, Teardrop), Neil Kopplin (Clyde Common), Dave Shenaut (Beaker & Flask), Daniel Shoemaker (Teardrop Lounge), Kelley Swenson (June), Brandon Wise (Irving Street Kitchen),
Finalists: Brandon Wise (Irving Street Kitchen), Kelley Swenson (June), Dave Shenaut (Beaker & Flask)
Winner: Brandon Wise (Irving Street Kitchen)

Empire Builder of the Year, Portland
Nominees: Micah Camden (Little Big Burger), Ben Dyer (Laurelhurst Market, Ate-Oh-Ate), Kurt Huffman/ChefStable (WSL, Gruner, Foster Burger), Andy Ricker (WSL, Foster Burger, Pok Pok Noi), Nate Tilden (Olympic Provisions, Spirit of '77)
Finalists: Micah Camden (Little Big Burger), Andy Ricker (WSL, Foster Burger, Pok Pok Noi), Nate Tilden (Olympic Provisions, Spirit of '77)
Winner: Nate Tilden (Olympic Provisions, Spirit of '77)

=== MIAMI ===

Restaurant of the Year, Miami
Nominees: AltaMare, Area 31, GastroPodMiami, Michael's Genuine Food & Drink, NAOE, Red Light, Sakaya Kitchen, SUGARCANE Raw Bar Grill
Finalists: Area 31; Sakaya Kitchen; SUGARCANE Raw Bar Grill
Winner: SUGARCANE Raw Bar Grill

So Hot Right Now, Miami
Nominees: 1500 Degrees, American Noodle Bar, db Bistro Moderne, De Rodriguez Ocean, Gigi, Eden South Beach, SUGARCANE Raw Bar Grill, Zuma
Finalists: Gigi; SUGARCANE Raw Bar Grill; Zuma
Winner: Zuma

Chef of the Year, Miami
Nominees: Timon Balloo (SUGARCANE Raw Bar Grill), Jeremiah Bullfrog (GastroPodMiami), Kevin Cory (NAOE), John Critchley (Area 31), Dewey LoSasso (The Forge), Michael Schwartz (Michael's Genuine Food & Drink), Simon Stojanovic (AltaMare)
Finalists: Timon Balloo (SUGARCANE Raw Bar Grill), Kevin Cory (NAOE), Michael Schwartz (Michael's Genuine Food & Drink)
Winner: Timon Balloo (SUGARCANE Raw Bar Grill)

Shaker of the Year, Miami
Nominees: Ryan Goodspeed (Michael's Genuine Food & Drink), John Lermayer (The Florida Room), Robert Ortenzio (Meat Market), Michael Parish (Prime Italian), Richard Petronzi (The Shore Club), Elad Zvi (W South Beach)
Finalists: Ryan Goodspeed (Michael's Genuine Food & Drink); Elad Zvi (W South Beach); John Lermayer (The Florida Room)
Winner: Ryan Goodspeed (Michael's Genuine Food & Drink)

The Eater Awards 2010 would not be possible not only without presenting sponsor GREY GOOSE Vodka but also the event's product sponsors—Starbucks Flavored VIA, Whole Foods Market, USA Pears, Sixpoint Craft Ales, Astor Wines & Spirits, and Forever Cheese—and participating restaurants—Momofuku Milk Bar, The John Dory, Convivio, Pok Pok, Public, and Prime Meats. We salute them all.

Starbucks_Via_EA.jpg Whole_Foods_EA.jpg Forever_Cheese_EA.jpg USA_Pears_EA.jpg Astor_EA.jpg Sixpoint_EA.jpg

Momo_EA.jpg Prime_Meats_EA.jpg John_Dory_EA.jpg PokPok_EA.jpg Convivio_EA.jpgPublic_EA.jpg

And thanks to all Eater Readers who voted, commented, and helped push this whole shebang to the next level. See you back here next year? But before that, watch this space tomorrow for coverage of tonight's Eater Awards gala, presuming we're conscious enough to post about it.
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