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Buzzkill Michigan Bans Alcoholic Energy Drinks & Four Loko

The caffeinated malt liquor drink Four Loko has been getting quite a bit of attention recently after it was linked to several alcohol-related hospitalizations. And now the state of Michigan has banned all alcoholic caffeinated drinks, including Four Loko, the so-called "blackout in a can."

Chicago's city council has also proposed a similar ban, and the state of Pennsylvania has requested that its state-run liquor stores "voluntarily stop selling and promoting alcoholic energy drinks." Politicians are such total buzzkills!

Phusion Projects, the company the producers Four Loko, has of course objected to the bans, citing the fact that caffeine and alcohol have been mixed for ages in drinks like rum and cola or Red Bull and vodka.

Indeed, former New York Times critic Frank Bruni took the drink for a test run and found it gave him "a slight flush in my cheeks and subtle tingling on my scalp." That doesn't sound totally terrible?

Just remember, kids: enjoy your Four Loko, in moderation, while you still can. Or start hoarding. Or just make plans to cross state lines and stock up. Or just make your own.

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