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Michelin Stars Can Mean a Significant Boost to Business

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How much is a Michelin star worth? A 10-25% bump in business, according to chefs in San Francisco and New York.

The boost is apparently largest for restaurants who have received their first star, but chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, who can boast many more than that, claims guides are responsible for 30-35% of his sales. That's a lot of incentive to get stars!

Ah, but Michelin can be a harsh mistress: the loss of a star can result in up to a 25% drop in business. Before restaurant owners in the US start panicking, though, some feel that other accolades make a bigger difference to the American diner. Kevin Boehm, co-owner of Chicago one-star restaurant Boka, says sales were up 20% after the Michelin announcements, but that was nothing compared to the announcement that the restaurant's chef, Giuseppe Tentori, was named one Food & Wine 2008 Best New Chefs. Boka saw an impressive 40% increase from that announcement.

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The Michelin Man. [Photo: Luxuo]

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