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Sandra Lee Now New York State's Semi-First Lady

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Cocktails and tablescapes for everyone!
Cocktails and tablescapes for everyone!
Photo: DNA Info

Well it's official. The election results are in. Andrew Cuomo was elected governor of New York State, which means that his girlfriend Semi-scary Semi-Homemade Food Network Star Sandra Lee is now Semi-First Lady-Elect of the grand state of New York.

A couple of weeks ago she told the AP she wasn't worried about becoming the state's first lady. She said the only thing she wanted to be is "first lady of cookbooks right now." Now, she is both.

So many questions: Will they take up residence in the historic New York State Executive Mansion? Maybe! Will people make jokes about taxpayer-funded tablescapes for years to come? Probably! Will there be an epic lasagna cook-off with her semi-mother-in-law Matilda Cuomo? One can only hope.

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