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Randy Moss, Former Viking, Really Doesn't Like Buffets

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Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Randy Moss has gotten himself in a whole bunch of trouble recently. Aside from a bizarre press conference in which Moss publicly criticized the leadership of Vikings coach Brad Childress, he also reportedly said some pretty nasty things about a team lunch catered by Tinucci's Restaurant last week in front of owner Gus Tinucci.

It's Vikings tradition to have lunch catered for the team on Fridays and Tinucci's has had the honor a few times. According to several sources, Moss threw a fit upon seeing the food and declared "I wouldn't feed this [expletive] to my [expletive] dog." Below, Tinucci calls in to Sportscenter to recount the story.

Tinucci seemed to have a pretty good attitude, saying "What am I going to do, call him out? Go, 'Hey, if you don't like it, get the hell out or whatever?' I'm in their house," but he mentioned that several Vikings players apologized to him and complimented the food. (It was, by most accounts, pretty tasty.)

Video: Gus Tinucci Calls Sportscenter

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Randy Moss [Photo: AP]


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