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Former Dating Blogger Alyssa Shelasky Gets a Book Deal

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Blog-to-book deal #4,738! Alyssa Shelasky — old topic of Gawker scorn because of her Glamour oversharing dating column, chef Spike Mendelsohn's fiancée, and blogger at Apron Anxiety — got herself a book deal with Clarkson Potter.

The description on Publishers Marketplace calls it "a memoir with recipes about the journey of learning to cook and finding herself, after falling in love with her tv crush-turned-fiance, chef Spike Mendelsohn." Hope Spike is on board for this!

But it gets better, or worse, depending on your outlook on such things: From her website's sidebar: "Having a 'RelationChef' is NOT easy, but it keeps me on my toes." Hey, that's a fake, made-up word! So if you're dating a Top Chef contestant, are you having a RelationChefTestant? What if he's on Top Chef All-Stars? Are you having an All-Star-RelationChefTestant?

Says Gael Greene: "Movie,tv series blah blah inevitably folo. We'll know more abt Spike." Oh dear, we fear Greene may be right. At least the Spike part. Look for it in summer 2012.

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