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Duff Goldman and Charm City Cakes Headed to Los Angeles

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Duff Goldman.
Duff Goldman.
Photo: Doug Quint and Bryan Petroff

Pastry chef and TV guy Duff Goldman talked to the Baltimore Sun recently, and in light of the news that his TV show Ace of Cakes is being canceled, he revealed some news about future TV projects.

In fact, he has three in the works! One will involve "him moving to Los Angeles in February to open a West Coast version of Charm City Cakes in June" in which staff from Baltimore location help train the West Coast employees. Don't worry, he's not abandoning Baltimore. OR IS HE??? Dun Dun Dun. He wouldn't talk about the other two.

But then he explained more of his motivation to quit doing Ace of Cakes for the Food Network, which involved talking trash about competitor Cake Boss. He also discussed something called the "genre of cake television" that's "saturated with stupid people yelling at each other":

Goldman says he believes the "genre of cake television" was "cheapened by TLC" and other channels that chased the success of "Ace of Cakes" with shows like "Cake Boss," a low-rent, New Jersey imitation.

He continued: "Our show was never like that... The rest of them, they're so fake, they're so set-up, it's just bad television. Cake television is pretty catty, pretty mean. So we'll let the catty people have it. We'll move on." What other shows is he talking about? Cupcake Wars and Top Chef: Just Desserts?

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