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Latest Threat: Whipped Lightning, Alcoholic Whipped Cream

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The whipped menace.
The whipped menace.
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Just when you thought the college campuses of America were safe from the caffeinated alcohol Four Loko, it seems there's another sugary alcoholic treat threatening the sobriety of our youth. This time it's Whipped Lightning, an alcohol-infused whipped cream (AKA "whipahol") that comes in flavors like Tropical Passion and Strawberry Colada. It costs between $10 and $13 a can. And stupid teenagers are "drinking" it, which of course leads to trouble.

Also, it's dangerous! Officials are even monitoring it! Supposedly it doesn't taste like booze (which is not actually what taste-testers have found) and yet contains 18% grain alcohol. That's like drinking three or four beers, were one physically able to drink an entire canister in one sitting. So, if you squirt a bottle into a huge thermos of coffee, it's basically like Four Loko is legal again.

Clearly it should be banned. In fact, let's ban everything that isn't near beer or straight ethanol, just so people don't get confused. And here we thought alcohol was supposed to be fun?

Here's a fearmongering news report:

Video: College Students Getting Drunk Off Whipped Lightning aka Whipahol

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