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New York City Chefs Honored in Cake Form

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[Photos: Joshua David Stein/]

The theme of the Gastronomika congress this year is New York! New York! That's why I'm here. That's why a bunch of New York chefs are here. So to honor the New York chefs, Basque patissiere Christian Escriba made a surprise: New York made of chocolate and confection. It was pretty amazing.

King Kong was there, clinging to the Empire State Building; there was a building named Taxi (it was yellow). And there, huddled in the corner, were the New York chefs — including Adam Perry Lang, Anthony Bourdain, Daniel Boulud, David Bouley, David Chang, Thomas Keller, and Wylie Dufresne — made of marzipan and fondant. The whole gang was there, betoqued and initialed. Impressively though, one didn't even need the initials. Who knew New York chefs could be reduced to small sweet men?

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