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Michelle Obama to Impose Socialist Salad Bars on Schools

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Photos: AP / Reuters

If First Lady Michelle Obama has her way, every public school cafeteria across this great nation will have a salad bar full of lettuce, carrots, and communism. The First Lady's Let's Move Salad Bars To Schools program aims to put 6,000 kid-sized salad bars in schools. Each salad bar costs $2,500, and the whole program costs $15 million. So on top of promoting a vegetable-y socialist agenda, they're also expensive! (Schools are being encouraged to raise part of the money themselves.) Big government run amock!

The goal of course is to hoodwink children into eating their vegetables. According to Obama, "When [vegetables] are set up all pretty and nice like this you might want to try some and maybe try some things you've never had before, right?" Look out, public schools: Kids are going to demand their pizza and french fries. And then will come inevitable friots. You'd think child obesity was like a problem or something.

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