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Gail Simmons Memoir Book Deal: Talking with My Mouth Full

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Gail Simmons
Gail Simmons

Top Chef judge and host Gail Simmons landed herself a book deal with Hyperion for a memoir "tracing her career from young cook to professional eater" reports Publishers Marketplace. It will be titled Talking with My Mouth Full.

Some might ask, hey wait just a second, how much of a memoir can a 34-year-old Canadian TV host possibly write? Her bio suggests a lot, actually:

She worked the line at Le Cirque 2000 and at Jean-Georges Vongerichten's Vong in New York; was special events manager for chef Daniel Boulud's restaurant empire; is currently Special Projects Director at Food & Wine magazine, doing things like overseeing the annual Food & Wine Classic in Aspen. And then there's having judged eight seasons of the Emmy Award-winning Top Chef and hosting and judging Top Chef: Just Desserts. The dirt she could dish! Although she probably won't.

She was also Jeffrey Steingarten's assistant for two years — "Alone in a house with him for two years, making goose, after goose, after pizza, after goose, was a crazy adventure," she told YumSugar — that's at least a couple chapters right there. Look for it early 2012.

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