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Undercover Boss: Slow Subway Exec Drives Manager Crazy

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On this week's episode of Undercover Boss, Subway CDO Don Fertman goes undercover as a sandwich artist (and yes, the number of times they say the words "sandwich artist" in this episode is a little ridiculous). Turns out he's worked for the company for 29 years and never made a single sandwich! Well, nineteen-year-old Subway manager Jessi has zero patience for how long it takes him to make sandwich art and gets super-cranky about it.

And after three minutes — which is apparently way too long — she kicks him off the sandwich line, sending him to the back to do dishes, clean windows, and haul trash. Later on, she's a little embarrassed when she finds out he's one of the guys in charge, but the fact that Fertman offered to pay for her college tuition probably helped smooth things over.

Undercover Boss: Subway CDO Don Fertman

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