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Guy Fieri's Thanksgiving Cooking Tips on Saturday Night Live

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Here's Bobby Moynihan doing his great Guy Fieri impression on "Weekend Update" from last night's Saturday Night Live. Sample quote: "Now I, for one, go bezerkey for turkey, but gobble gobble, let's make it full throbble." (Fieri was also lampooned last year on SNL.)

In this clip, Fieri shares some of his boozy Thanksgiving dishes, including the turduckenrabpigcowcowhorsishgamehen, which is a "chicken inside of a duck inside of a turkey inside of a rabbit inside of a pig inside of a baby cow inside of a big cow inside of a horse all stuffed into a Cornish game hen." And then deep-fried in Jägermeister?

Also from "Weekend Update," Jason Sudeikis played Chris Hunter (one of the creators of Four Loko) and talked about new products including the Organ Blaster (boxed wine, milk, buffalo sauce, and fiberglass) and the Amy Winehouse (doughnuts, K-Y Jelly, cigarettes, and a horse tranquilizer).

Video: Guy Fieri's Thanksgiving

Video: Four Loko Creator

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