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The McRib Released Nationwide to Hungry Fans

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Probably accompanying some momentous historic event like a plague or an earthquake or, you know, a mid-term election, the "random meat comet" that is the McRib has returned to McDonald's nationwide.

While its famously rabid fanbase is currently in the process of going ape-shit crazy, more staid participants in the McRib phenomenon contemplate it in loftier tones, like food writer Francis Lam: "I literally cannot wash the smell of McRib off my hands. I've tried 3 times. I'm like Macbeth." Depending on your outlook, that could be a very good or very bad thing.

You've got until December 5th to get that lovely, rib-y stench on your paws. Or you could just go to Germany, where it's available year round.

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[Photo: theimpulsivebuy/Flickr]

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