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More 2011 Trends: Inner Turmoil Will Lead You to Drinking

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What does 2011 hold for the food world now? Market research firm Technomic Inc. looked into its crystal ball, threw the I Ching, peered into the gutted entrails of a sacred large mammal and came up with some ideas. 11, in fact! (Because it's 2011? We guess?)

Some we are already familiar with (farmers as the next rock stars, increased use of technology by restaurants) and some we're seeing for the first time ("updated brand positioning" like the new Denny's fast casual concept). Again, you're not going to be able to make up your mind about anything: both expensive and cheap food are represented, as well as healthy and indulgent food. Don't worry, though, as always, booze will be in style. Check out the list below.

1. Action in adult beverages
2. Beyond bricks and mortar
3. Farmers as celebrities
4. Social media and technology: evolutionary spurt
5. Korean and beyond
6. Frugality fatigue
7. How low can you go?
8. Carefully calibrated brand action
9. Back to our roots
10. New competition from C-stores
11. Healthful versus indulgent: The little angel says one thing, the little devil another

2011 Eater Trendwatch
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· 2011 Trends: Local Food, Electronic Menus, Healthy Things [-E-]

Don't worry, have a drink. [Photo: T. Carrigan / Flickr]

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