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Top Chef Just Desserts Season One Winner: Yigit Pura

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Spoiler alert blah blah blah: last night was the finale of the first season of Top Chef Just Desserts, and San Francisco pastry chef Yigit Pura was declared victorious over all, but especially over runners-up Morgan Wilson and Danielle Keene. The three of them were required to prepare a four-course dessert tasting menu with a little help in the form of three celebrity sous chefs Sherry Yard, Elizabeth Faulkner and Claudia Fleming, and later, a little less help when they had to switch to using former contestants (Seth was, of course, noticeably absent). Pura's "cuddly" desserts ended up winning him the $100,000 prize, and according to him, "Fuck, it feels awesome." We bet it does! Check out the big reveal below.

Top Chef Just Desserts: And the winner is...

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