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Buzzkills: Bowing to Pressure, Four Loko to Drop Caffeine

Phusion Products, the maker of the "blackout in a can" Four Loko announced yesterday in a statement on its website that it will remove caffeine, guarana, and taurine from its products nationwide. Facing a looming ban in New York State, a couple of days ago the company said it would make a non-caffeinated version. Now it's nation-wide.

In the statement Phusion touted its cooperative stance, but bemoaned "trying – unsuccessfully – to navigate a difficult and politically-charged regulatory environment at both the state and federal levels." The FDA is said to address caffeinated alcoholic beverages like Four Loko today, and it will possibly find that caffeine is unsafe when added to alcoholic drinks. The FDA will possibly recommend banning it. The media buzz has thrust it into the national attention and probably exploded sales of Four Loko, but will its fans continue to buy it without caffeine?

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