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Letterman Rants About Food TV, Apologizes to Jamie Oliver

Last night world-saving chef Jamie Oliver dropped by the Late Show with David Letterman to cook some noodles. But before he came on, host David Letterman had to rant at his desk about the "culture of excess" and food television shows like Cupcake Wars and Man v Food. (His rant was nearly identical to the one back in October with Rachael Ray).

See, back in March Oliver was on the show and Letterman gave him a really hard time, saying that his Food Revolution wouldn't work and that no matter what he did, someday all Americans are going to weigh 500 pounds. Letterman had a funny way to apologize, though. "You're not really mad at me." Letterman said. "How can you be mad at me, because I'm right, and you're doing what you can do to fight this."

Oliver of course defended himself: "I'm not mad at you. All I thought was like, after 12 years of coming on this show, teaching you a few skills, and even though you don't listen to me, I thought, well, that's alright... The Food Revolution was about trying to start a seed of change, and getting lots of people to expect more... and get the crap out of food. And you said it wouldn't work. And I wanted Daddy Letterman to say, 'Go get em, kid.' And you said it won't work."

And then Oliver explained all the positive things that have come from his time spent in Huntington, West Virginia; how McDonald's in England is different than in the US because people there have different expectations; and his plans for Los Angeles. Watch:

Video: Letterman Rants

Video: Letterman Apologizes to Jamie Oliver

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