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Ramsay's Father-in-Law Takes Over Petrus; Emails Hacked

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What a busy weekend for Gordon Ramsay! The epic saga that is the "row" with his father-in-law is slowly trickling out in the media, and here are the things that went down this weekend:

· Gordon Ramsay could have to pay £15 million to buy out his father-in-law Chris Hutcheson from the restaurant business. Meanwhile it turned out that Hutcheson took control of Ramsay's London restaurant Petrus, a mere two weeks after he was fired as chief executive of Gordon Ramsay Holdings. That sneaky guy.

· Ramsay fears his emails were hacked and a "computer expert has been suspended from his job at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant empire."

· Ramsay gave a very long interview with the Daily Mail. In it Ramsay alleges that Hutcheson would lie about foreign trips and that his two brothers-in-law had been given jobs (at £200,000/year) without consulting him. They have also been fired.

· Ramsay is currently filming Kitchen Nightmares in New Jersey — inauspicious timing! — and his wife Tana flew from Los Angeles to Jersey to meet him for "crisis talks."

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