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American Dad Opens a Farm-to-Table, Plate-to-Face Restaurant

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Here are a few clips from the show American Dad in which Stan Smith opens a restaurant called Stan's Food Restaurant with Qui-Lo, the Laotian midget master chef. On the menu: a ravioli burger, a hamburger with all the trimming slumbering inside a giant ravioli; and chocolate chip meatballs served on an edible pancake plate. All the plates are edible there.

Do see the clip when they go to the bank to get a loan and talk about the concept: "Not canned and frozen foods, not food trucked in from out of state. Who believe food should be grown locally, with no pesticides. Farm-to-table, plate-to-face!"

Video: The inspiration

Video: The bank

Video: Qui-Lo, the Laotian midget master chef

Video: Grand Opening

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