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Paula Deen Gets Lampooned on Saturday Night Live

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Here's a clip from last night's episode of Saturday Night Live with Kristen Wiig doing a pretty good Paula Deen impression. The joke of "Paula Deen sure does like butter!" is maybe a little old — but watching Kristen Wiig eat straight butter is still amusing. (SNL has in the past lampooned Guy Fieri.)

In some ways it reads funnier on paper: "Look y'all, just between you, me, and the chickens I have to suggest this oil draining because health professionals are really backin' up my backbum about my food making little children fat. Well I was a fat child, and look how I turned out. I'm on TV! And I have a real foxy husband. He's Santa-licious."

Video: Paula Deen's Paper Towels

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