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Gordon Ramsay's Montreal Expansion: Rotisserie Laurier BBQ

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Failing English Albatross Gordon Ramsay is "expanding" his "empire" to Montreal by adding the words "by Gordon Ramsay" to the Rôtisserie Laurier BBQ, a barbecue chicken place that's been around since 1936 and was doing just fine without him.In addition, there are plans to "expand the restaurant cross-country are already being discussed." So like a Canadian chain!

There's no word on how much of Ramsay's dwindling fortune he's investing nor how much of an ownership stake he's taking. [Read: Very little.] It also seem as if the only change to the menu Ramsay is making is making french fries fresh. Genius!

But, with the death rattle humming its merry tune in the corridors of nearly every other venture in his life — from his relationship with his father-in-law to his home to lastly his restaurants — Ramsay needs dough badly and in Danielle Lord, co-owner of Rotisserie Laurier BBQ who said, "With Gordon Ramsay’s help and Gordon Ramsay’s reputation, you won’t see this place closing.”, he's found a sure sucker, eh?

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Rotisserie Laurier BBQ

381 Av Laurier O, Montréal, QC H2V 2K3, Canada

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