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Suck Pasta and See Bald White Men Rock Out for Only $250

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There's a long and rich history of bald white men in rock n' roll: Billy Corgan, Kyle Gass, Michael Stipe. But none have been chefs. [Ed note: Except if you count creepy Corgan as an ice cream man in the video for "Today"] On November 23rd, the history of The History of Bald White Men in Rock N' Roll Who Are Also Chefs is about to change forever.

That night, for one night only at Del Posto in New York, is One Night Only: A Musical and Culinary Summit featuring chefs/bald white guys Tom Colicchio, Marc Vetri (Vetri Ristorante, Philadelphia), Joe Bastianich and [honorary baldie] Mark Ladner (Del Posto) shredding on axes and trading fours. [For the record, there's also Phil Roy, who is actually a professional musician.] It's like the Travelling Wilburys of the kitchen.

Bastianich and Colicchio have rocked out in the past, to Paul Simon, natch but whether Messrs. Ladner and Vetri can shred or if they have a sufficiently deep knowledge of the back catalogue of Genesis remains to be seen. The whole shebang — which includes one course by each chef wherein "wine and music will be paired accordingly" — costs $250 and proceeds go to... lemme check, some charity, I'm sure. Oh no, proceeds go to I guess Kitchen Aid isn't the new Band Aid, after all.

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Del Posto

85 10th Avenue New York, NY 10011

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