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Eric Ripert Spies Double Rainbows, All the Way

Eric Ripert, with double rainbow, from the cookbook Avec Eric
Eric Ripert, with double rainbow, from the cookbook Avec Eric

Chef and Eater Award winner Eric Ripert keeps getting followed by double rainbows! Channeling his inner viral video-maker Yosemitebear, Ripert tweets: "Our new book Avec Eric (page 8) has a real double rainbow. Since then twice on book signing it appear again behind me! What does it means?"


Last year when the television series Avec Eric originally premiered, there was a shot of Ripert with a double rainbow behind him. We wrote, "Possibly a case of perfect timing, we can somehow imagine that Eric Ripert's mere presence can summon rainbows into existence."

A still from Avec Eric, season one, episode one

In that episode, Ripert philosophized about his cooking approach: "I cannot really define how the light and the sky ends up in a plate, but it's just all those experiences in life that I accumulate definitely give me, maybe we can call that a 'cooking wisdom.'" Even, one can assume, the double rainbows.

Whoah, Eric Ripert, all the way.

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