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The Big Fat Loophole in Calorie Counting Legislation

Today, buried in an NRN piece about Top 5 trends for a post-menu-labeling world — exciting! — there's a passing mention made of a loophole in legislation that requires restaurants to post their calorie counts. "Because the mandate to post calorie counts will not include limited-time offers, many restaurants will offer less-than-healthy seasonal items that will allow consumers to indulge without necessarily knowing the damage."

Because we're all limited-time offers — Sic Transit Gloria Mundi! — this loophole includes practically anything a fast food company wants it to. Take White Castle's Chicken Rings — a fried pun made real — which are really bad for you.. Earlier this year, White Castle introduced the Spicy Buffalo Ranch and Cool Ranch flavors for a limited-time only. This means they'll not have to disclose how toxic the round fuckers are. Smart. Delicious, even. But evil.

· Top 5 Trends For a Post-Menu-Labeling World [NRN]

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