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Four Loko Sends Suburban Dad Into Hallucinogenic Frenzy

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Holy crap, everything everyone's saying about how dangerous Four Loko might be totally true! This one guy in Pennsylvania apparently had some kind of epic hallucinogenic freak-out after drinking one and a half cans of the stuff. He imagined that he had killed his kids. Scary!

His wife says it was like "he was stuck inside a horror movie." One minute, the guy's son is goading him into trying it, and the next he's imagining that "he had harmed all of our kids and he had to kill [his wife] and kill himself so that [they] could go to heaven to take care of them." He ended up needing to go to the hospital.

Somehow we doubt reports like this will sway the Four Loko fanatics — if anything it'll just embolden the "we have to protect the children" politicians into banning it even more.

New York City chef/restaurateur/ersatz-patron saint of Four Loko Eddie Huang certainly doesn't seem deterred. Reached for comment, Huang told us, "It's undeniable that people do crazy things after drinking Four Loko, but people do crazy things after drinking Red Bull and vodka. People do crazy things after drinking water. I really don't think that Four Loko can be blamed. It's the people."

In fact, $3 Four Loko night at Huang's Xiao Ye was so well attended they had to send staff out to the bodega for reinforcements. In terms of threatened bans, Huang said, "There are plenty of things out there that are legal that are way more dangerous." Indeed! Like deer.

Here's the local news report that almost feels like something out of The Daily Show:

Video: Local News Report on Four Loko Freak-out

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