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Washington State Bans "Toxic and Dangerous Brew" Four Loko

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Who's banning Four Loko today? First Michigan banned caffeinated alcoholic beverages, now everyone wants to get rid of them. Washington State, where nine college students were hospitalized in October after drinking Four Loko at a party, has just banned the drinks. And now an Indiana liquor store chain pulled the product despite not being legally required to do so.

New York State Senator Charles Schumer has proposed a ban on all caffeinated alcoholic drinks there as well. Describing them as "a toxic and dangerous brew," Schumer said: "The drinks are spreading like a plague across the country, and you need to do everything you can to protect children, so we must protect children from the severe and deadly consequences of drinks like Four Loko." Like a plague!

Somehow we suspect these crafty children will figure out they can get the same buzz legally with Red Bull and vodka, but you never know with kids these days.

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Four Loko. [Photo: Getty]

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