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Rich Fear Batali and Branson Look-A-Likes For Charity Dinner

Ginger minger Mario Batali and skeletal aryan playboy Virgin head Richard Branson are teaming up at Eataly for an event called "Double Truffle" to benefit a charity, specifically the "Mario Batali and Virgin Unite" charity. The whole thing — Double Truffle to Benefit Mario Batali and Virgin Unite — sounds really dirty. [It's actually the Mario Batali Foundation and Virgin Unite" which is slightly less dirty sounding.]

Anyway, the two will lead a tour, do a demo, and shmooze. Bidding opens at $25,000. But before do-gooders do good, they have a pressing question. Writes one apprehensive bidder on the auction site, "If I were to win the bid, how do I really know if I am meeting the real Richard Branson and Mario Batali?" Good point, it could be Oliver Platt as Batali and Skeletor as Branson cooking you dinner. But wouldn't that be equally cool, if not cooler?

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