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Ming Tsai on Jimmy Fallon: How Not to Do a Cooking Demo

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For the three of you who watch Jimmy Fallon's Late Night show, this will be redundant. For the other 6,878,785,298 of you, watch Ming Tsai as he provides an object lesson on how not to be on Jimmy Fallon:

· Don't talk so much. Tsai talks too much. It's like a competitive debate team. In debate, it's called spreading but on television, it's called logorrhoea.

· Don't make too much. Tsai makes too much. His conceit is a one-pot meal. Perfect. Except that he makes three of them.

· When you make a joke, don't immediately chase it with, "Just kidding. Just kidding." Kills the joke.

· Flirt more. Tsai, take a page from the Leno and Deen romance. More handjob jokes/handjobs, less Slash jokes.

· Do not ask the host to really do anything. Tsai makes the mistake of asking Fallon to do the bulk of his prep-work for him. The result? Disaster.

· Dumb down your pot jokes. Tsai's pot joke — Fallon: If you're a stoner, this could be a two pot meal. Tsai: There's no seeds in this. — is only funny if you are a real stoner. Notice how Tsai looks off to the camera crew for reinforcement. Cameramen, the stoners who make television for stoners.

· You can never escape yourself. Not late into the night. Not on television. Never.

Video: Ming Tsai on Jimmy Fallon

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