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2010 New York Times Magazine Food Issue: Eating Together

Well look at that: the annual New York Times Magazine Food Issue is out, and the theme is "Food Communites." There's so much to read: Former Times food critic Frank Bruni weighs in on the Kosher Basil Pizza and Wine Bar in Brooklyn.

Southern Foodways Alliance director John T. Edge shares the story of "combination pop-up cafe, design studio and civic clubhouse" PieLab in Greensboro Alabama. And Christine Muhlke has a piece about communities and how the food movement "jumped the plate."

There are slideshows (DIY Food Groups! Oakland's Eat Real Festival!) and recipes (Potluck Recipes from Food52!). There's also a feature on something called the 36 Hour Dinner party, in which a group builds a wood fire and cooks "lunch, dinner, breakfast and lunch again" over it. And an interview with Laurie David.

· New York Times Magazine 2010 Food Issue: Eating Together [NYTM]

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