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Scenes from Food Network's Chelsea Market After Dark

chelsea market after dark
chelsea market after dark
[Photos: Lia Bulaong for]

If you didn't fork out the $105 for last night's Food Network's 2010 Chelsea Market After Dark event, here's what you missed out on: an unlimited supply of both food and alcohol of varying degrees of quality and the chance to very briefly meet and have your photo taken with Sir Alton Brown himself, in a room filled with Good Eats props and memorabilia from the show's decade-long run.

Bless his heart, though Alton's looking rather alarmingly skinny these days, as far as we could make out he spent the entire night anchored in the same spot being exceedingly pleasant to every single person who stood in the long line for a meet and greet.

Other highlights of the evening: discovering Jacques Torres is a ridiculously attractive man in person, oysters at the Lobster Place, Buddakan's tuna tartare spring rolls, and Pure Food and Wine's pinot noir pepper tarts. Despite all the tables of delicious, generously-poured wine, the most deadly alcohol of the night turned out to be a tie between the limoncello and tequila.

And the awesome sartorial moment of the night definitely belonged to Anne Burrell, for her amazing glitter disco tranny platform heels that made us stop and stare, and then stare some more.

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