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Seth Caro's Final Top Chef Just Desserts Meltdown

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Seth Caro, Malika Ameen, Johnny Iuzzini
Seth Caro, Malika Ameen, Johnny Iuzzini
Photo: Kelsey McNeal/Bravo

Top Chef Just Desserts has demonstrated that some pastry chefs are temperamental and super-emotional, prone to break down at any moment. Throw in the stress of a reality television show, and boom, they crack like salmonella-infected eggs.

Here are clips from the latest episode in which Seth Caro loses it after finding out that the Quickfire Challenge required that he use Breyer's brand ice cream. A sponsor-sponsored meltdown! (This is different than the one a few weeks ago.)

Later, in a pretty insane scene in the stew room, he started yelling at the producers about missing paper cups — in what we think is the first time we've ever seen producers appear on camera — leading to a full-blown (alas, off-camera) panic attack. Ambulances cart him away!

Head judge Johnny Iuzzini comes back to stew room to tell them, "Seth is no longer going to be with us. He's had an anxiety attack and he's not going to be able to continue in the competition." The other contestants are worried about him, but relieved that he is gone. And then in the same episode, Malika Ameen, another contestant, also quit. What is going on?

Video: Seth Breaks Down, Part 1

Video: Seth Breaks Down, Part 2

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