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Chefs Name 2010 Trends: On-Site Gardens, Local Produce

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Oh, good: the time when you had to wait until December for end-of-year listicles is over, thanks to the National Restaurant Association. They surveyed almost 2,000 chefs to find out what they think the trends of 2010 will be when the year is up, and their answers will surprise you! (Well, not really.)

As far as the hottest trends, chefs are really into on-site gardens, with 33% naming them the hottest restaurant trend of 2010. The chefs were also interested in environmentally-friendly kitchen equipment, local produce, seafood, meat, and alcoholic beverages. Healthier kids' meals and smaller portion sizes were also highly ranked.

Less cool? 57% of chefs surveyed said offal is "yesterday's news," and 52% put cupcakes in the same category. The chefs were evenly mixed on bacon, with about equal percentage declaring it hot, over, or a "perennial favorite." Seems the bacon backlash going on in the media has yet to reach the trenches.

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Chefs like gardens. [Photo: AP]