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The Supposed Backlash Against Bacon

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Over at the Wall Street Journal, Katy McLaughlin writes that a "growing number of chefs" say that the "bacon bubble" is "about to pop," calling it a "bacon backlash." She even interviewed three different chefs (John Currence of Oxford, Miss., Ken Oringer of Boston, and Jon Shook of the Los Angeles restaurant Animal) to prove her point: that bacon is so over. Which is maybe not so true?

Then why is the price of bacon surging? Why did Batter Blaster just announce a bacon-flavored pancake batter in a can? A mere six months ago, writer Josh Ozersky said, "This is the Periclean age of bacon." Could such a wondrous age be over so soon? Could meat expert Josh Ozersky be so wrong? Will Toasted Pumpkin Seed Oil really replace bacon? Let us start a new backlash of our own! Against fake trend pieces.

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The Swanson, a bacon-wrapped turkey leg [Photo: Eater]

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