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Asia de Cuba Assumes the Simpsons Are Nobodies

On last night's episode of The Simpson's, Homer treats Marge to a night at Springfield's fanciest restaurant, Asia de Cuba (the Asian-Latino fusion chain by mega-restaurateur Jeffrey Chodorow with real-life locations in New York, London, Los Angeles, and Miami).

At first the hostess is rude and seats them at a table situated squarely between the men's and ladies' rooms. Until the hostess notices Marge's fancy "Marc Frederick's" bag, and they get moved to a much nicer table with a view of the Springfield sign. A significant upgrade from their previous view, which was mostly of Krusty the Clown coming out of the bathroom with white powder all over his face, claiming he was doing research for a movie in which he plays himself.

The Simpsons: Asia de Cuba

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