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Filed under: Tells You Where the Ladies Are At

Photos: TechCrunch

Foursquare can be useful for many things, including meeting up with people, boasting to your friends, getting deals, and telling strangers when you're not home so they can rob you. And now another useful thing: Answering the oft-asked question, "Where the ladies at?" (Yes the domain is With this tool it'll be much, much easier to avoid the dreaded sausage fests and head to the bars packed with inebriated, available women.*

According TechCrunch, the service scans the Foursquare API to track female check-ins based on first names and features "the places that have the most women checking in." San Francisco-only for now, but they'll be branching out to New York, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis soon. Even better (or creepily), the developers are working on an iPhone app with a friggin compass to point to, er, where the ladies at. Get your creep on!

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* depends on your game, of course.