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Pastry Chef Sued for Using the French Word "Sucre"

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Robert Shea, owner of Sucre7, an online purveyor of fancy sweets, is being sued by New Orleans pastry shop Sucre over the rights to use the French term "sucre," which means sugar. Although Shea says he's not all that attached the name, he finds the suit "utterly absurd."

There seems to be a rash of these types of lawsuits recently. A Los Angeles based private chef placement company called Private Chefs Inc. is suing the Food Network over their show, Private Chefs of Beverly Hills, they've also requested a judge prohibit the second season premiere from airing. A Wisconsin restaurant owner has gone so far as to trademark the concept of keeping goats on the roof of your restaurant.

We're in no way experts in trademark law, but some of these seem a little ridiculous. Any attorneys out there want to weigh in? We're sure Shea, who is raising money to pay for his defense on his website, would appreciate it.

· Raising Funds to Defend Myself Against Trademark Abuse [Suxre7 via Dannielle Kyrillos / Facebook]

Sucre7. [Photo: Sucre7]

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