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Rachael Ray Swears by the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

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After network shows balked saying that the New York City-Big Gay Ice Cream Truck was "not for middle america audiences," Rachael Ray was awesome enough to do a segment about them on her show.

Big Gay Ice Cream Trucker Doug Quint then paid a visit to the set to recreate some of the things they do on the truck. One of the sundaes was the Nuclear Winter — vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, Sriracha, cashews, and a pickle — what Rachael Ray described as "sort of like for an angry pregnant woman because it comes with a pickle." She liked it so much she said, "Oh, shit." Or was it "That's sick!"?

Also, please someone give the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck their own show! Or at the very least, let them on Rachael Ray again.

Video: The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck on the Rachael Ray Show

(Rachael Ray swears around 4 minutes in)

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