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More Corporations Jump on the Food Truck Bandwagon

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Will people line up for corporate food trucks?
Will people line up for corporate food trucks?
Photo: Karen Blumberg / Flickr

All the cool kids are starting food trucks, and now corporate chains want in on the action. The age of the corporate food trucks is here — Tasti D-Lite, Cousins Subs, Toppers Pizza, and BannaStrow all offer now mobile units to franchisees.

Corporations using food trucks is not exactly new: chains like Sizzler, Fatburger, Subway and Johnny Rockets were either using or developing trucks months ago. In fact, the National Restaurant Association set aside space for food truck exhibitors at its annual convention this year for the first time.

So, is this mainstream acceptance of the trend, crass corporate emulation, or evidence of major shark-jumping?

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