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Chez Panisse Responds to Michelin Zero-Star Demotion

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The San Francisco 2011 Michelin Guide was released yesterday, and Alice Waters' legendary restaurant Chez Panisse lost its single star, dropping off the list entirely. The restaurant released a statement regarding the snub:

When Alice Waters opened Chez Panisse almost 40 years ago, she intended to create a place where people could come together with friends and family to eat a delicious, thoughtfully prepared meal in beautiful surroundings. To this day, that is the restaurant's highest priority. Although Ms. Waters respects the traditions upon which the Michelin Guide bases its awards, she acknowledges that they aren't the same traditions upon which Chez Panisse has built its reputation and success over the years."

Which is almost sort of Chez Panisse saying, "Fine, well we didn't want a Michelin star anyway!" But clearly, the Michelin Guide's critics believe that the restaurant has gone downhill in the last year. Michelin Director said that he has not received any death threats. Yet.

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