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Paul Miranda vs Cat Cora in Iron Chef Battle Bourbon

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"Your last name, Miranda, is attached to a famous legal warning. So in kitchen stadium, will your entrees sing to the judges, or choose to remain silent?" said the Chairman to Paul Miranda, the executive chef at the Brookville Country Club in Brookville, NY. On last night's episode of Iron Chef America, Miranda competed against Iron Chef Cat Cora in battle bourbon. There was a lot of bourbon.

The judges — Donatella Arpaia, Kevin Smith (the Master Distiller of Maker's Mark), and actress Alison Sweeney — gave Cora's elegant plating higher marks and ultimately the win. Said Alton Brown, "Bourbon, it's not just for breakfast anymore."

Video: Cat Cora's Dishes

Video: Paul Miranda's Dishes

Video: The Decision

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