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Modernist Cuisine to Traditionalists: Give Technology a Chance

Nathan Myhrvold's epically expensive cookbook Modernist Cuisine may focus on contemporary food, but they hope traditionalists will give it a chance. An essay on their blog considers the backlash against appliances like the microwave, and while the book does not "take a strong position on old versus new," they would like "to push the envelope of modern cooking."

In other words, like José Andrés and Eric Ripert rejecting the term "molecular gastronomy" to focus on the science of cooking, the people from Modernist Cuisine want you to know they're not just geeking out over gadgets. They're trying to illustrate scientific innovations in such a way as to get people not to have knee-jerk reactions to ideas that may be new or strange.

After all, 55 years ago today first domestic microwave oven was introduced, and people must have thought it was insane to cook things with wave-emitting tubes. Now they're in 90% of houses.

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The original Amana Radarange. [Photo: Wired]