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Sandra Lee's Semi-Homemade Halloween 2010

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Every year Semi-Homemade Food Network Star Sandra Lee hosts a Halloween special of her show. It aired this Sunday. This year the theme was the Renaissance, which meant Ms. Lee donned costumes that approximated Queen Elizabeth I, Maid Marian, Robin Hood, a cracked-out poetry-spewing Queen of the Fairies, and finally, a Cher-ish gypsy fortune teller.

As the paramour of future New York state governor Andrew Cuomo, perhaps she should not have dressed up as a queen? Anyway, to provide fuel for your nightmares, here are some semi-scary video clips of her "preparing" frozen cheesecake on sticks, some fairy cocktails, and the ever-haunting tablescape. Boo!

For posterity here is the poem that Sandra Lee recited: "As the Queen of the Fairies alone I possess the fantastical and fanciful powers over every magical being. My job is to protect them, and while my folly of ferries frolic with the fireflies over the pond in the dusky twilight sets in on everything, it’s my job to create a harmonious combination of sweet treats and delightful drinks."

Video: Queen Elizabeth Intro

Video: Poetry and Cheesecake on a Stick Time

Video: Cocktail Time

Video: Tablescape TIme

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