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Restaurant Horror Stories from Marcus Samuelsson and More

Man, working in restaurants is great. Now, if you could just get rid of all those pesky customers! The Chicago Tribune got a mess of famous chefs to share their customer horror stories including Ming Tsai (Blue Ginger, Boston) Mark Peel (Campanile, LA), and Joanne Chang (Myers + Chang, Boston).

Marcus Samuelsson, for example, says that when first started out, no one would believe he was the guy in charge: "They had never seen a black chef before." And there's a creepy anecdote from author and ex-wife of Connecticut chef Chris Prosperi's Courtney Febbroriello, who once saw a woman kind of maybe try to murder her husband, who was deathly allergic to nuts, by letting him take a big old bite of her hazelnut gelato. Nevermind, we take that back: working in restaurants is terrifying.

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