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World Record for Largest Cup of Coffee Holds 2,010 Gallons

World's Largest Cup of Coffee.
World's Largest Cup of Coffee.
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Good morning! Care for some coffee? How about 2,010 gallons of it? That's how much coffee was used to set the record for the world's largest cup of coffee at Blog World Expo in Las Vegas; it's the equivalent of 32,160 cups of coffee. It's actually more than double what was required to beat the previous record, which was 911.5 gallons. The group taking on the challenge,, constructed a gigantic coffee mug replica, complete with handle, to hold the liquid. The cup took eight hours to brew.

They also set the record for iced coffee, because "we had this massive cup and thought, we'd be crazy not to." Of course! So they took out 100 gallons of coffee and dumped 3,500 pounds of ice into the cup. Guinness world record iced coffee must be below 45 degrees; the official temperature was 43.8 degrees.

Video: World's Largest Coffee Cup

Video: Coffee Cup Setup

Video: Brewing Update

Video: New World Record - Cup of Coffee

Video: World Record Iced Coffee

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