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Rachael Ray's Gonna Get All Up in Your Twit-Face

Source Photo: AP

The Associated Press has a story about TV host and author Rachael Ray, and in it we learn that she has shot an astonishing 1,300 hours of television since 2001. Also, she is planning on getting on top of this whole Twitter thing, resolving to tweet more. "I am going to try to get good at it. There must be a term for a good tweeter," she said. "I don't know, but I'm going to try to make that sucker chirp."

Surprisingly, her personal account (@rachael_ray) only has 10,000 followers while her daytime talk show account (@rachaelrayshow) has nearly six times as many.

Rachael Ray also did an interview with TV Guide in which she addressed getting grilled by David Letterman's on his late night talk show.

Rachael Ray, total diplomat, said she had no hard feelings:

It turned out to be a really heavy discussion. I guess he must have gotten some flack from his own team, because he then went and apologized on air for a show that hadn't even aired yet! [Laughs] My dream is that maybe Dave will come on my show and have a proper full-length rant about it, you know? Maybe one day we could do something together about [the issue]. But I have no complaints. I'm Dave's biggest fan.

A serious discussion would be great (instead of a uncontrolled rant)! Do it Dave!

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