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Money Can't Buy You a French Laundry Reservation

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This just in: We hear from representatives of the Thomas Keller Restaurant Group that reservations at The French Laundry are non-transferable, which means our friend with the Craigslist ad offering $300 for one is out of luck.

The French Laundry's website (sorry it's Flash, no direct link) makes no mention about the non-transferability of reservations, though, so we understand his confusion.

The website does state that walk-ins cannot be accommodated, so don't even think of trying that, smartypants. Mr. Last Minute can call The French Laundry and ask to be put on a reservation waiting list. "This is a great option in the event that the restaurant is fully booked on a requested date," wrote the rep. "Should something open up, the guest would be contacted directly." For free!

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The French Laundry. [Photo: Peter Bond / Flickr]

The French Laundry

6640 Washington St Yountville, CA 94599-1301