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Fabio Viviani Really Doesn't Like Cilantro

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Wow, does former/future Top Chef contestant Fabio Viviani ever hate cilantro! And not just in a "You know, I would really prefer this dish didn't have cilantro in it" kind of way. No, he wants to exact revenge on the plant for having the gall to exist in the first place:

One hidden dream I have is that if I ever had all the money in the world, I’d buy 20 acres, grow cilantro and then bomb it with a plane of napalm gas. Cilantro looks like Italian parsley, smells like soap and tastes like crap.

Sounds like he knows what he's doing with the prize money if he wins Top Chef All-Stars. That is, if the guy from Fuck Yeah Cilantro doesn't get to him first.

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