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Robots Team Up to Make and Serve Humans Pancakes

We've already seen robots learn how to flip pancakes and sort pancakes at super speed, well now behold: the future of pancake making. From CoTeSys at the Technical University Munich, here's a video of a pair of robots — PR2-James and TUM-Rosie — teaming up to make pancakes together.

There are all sorts of nerdy science things going on here: plane detection, gravity compensation, problem-solving, teamwork, pancake-flipping, and presumably, delicious pancake-making. Wrote Willow Garage, "Rosie and James are not ready yet for haute cuisine, but the video provides an excellent sense of the future capabilities of service robots." We need a couple of these for the office — they could make pancakes for us all day long.

Video: Robotic Roommates Making Pancakes

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